Blueface Kicked his Mom and Sister All Out of His House

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Bluegace calls mom clout chaser

The Cardi B product (Thotiana Video) Blueface another artist sharing his plight with family. 50 Cent isn’t the only one who is beefing with his blood son yet The “Thotiana” rapper can still gave account on how he has involved in physical assault with his family. Blueface reported on altercation with his mother and blood sister. Source told Amahiphop that Blueface kicked out his family from his own residency in Los Angeles home. Face while managing women in a relationship, in the same shelter with his mom and sister is simply stocking the fire and all are currently catching the latest wind since there’s conflict in the family.

The misdemeanor stems after one of his girlfriend decide not to greet Blueface mom  and right now the extensive quarrel is escalating after the rapper picks plan b, pushing his mom and sister out of the house. At the first place, Blue’s girlfriend engaged on altercation with the family, having the presence of the rapper yet he flip justice to his romantic baby insisted of the mom.


His sister the romantic girlfriend already ducked it out earlier where both where yelling verbally and took aims on each body. On a video trends online even played by Bluceface’s mom, we can see the rapper tugging on his sister out of the building , lamenting get out of my house. Mom and daughter has been dragged out of them by the son but still tell to Take Care Of Yourself after saying I Love You, to Bluceface.

The story has flew beyond expectation and the rapper conventionally sticking on his opinion and stretch to his Gram account then took measures on his mom, calling her clout chaser “Sheesh you know it’s getting hectic when yo own momma do it for the clout,” he wrote. Source told us that Blueface has been on eerie,trying to melee to the family.

His sister also came online to refer to the family new development probably telling use how the yelling was ignited “Moms visiting & I’m waiting for my apartment that’s ready
tomorrow,” she wrote. “Ain’t no free loading period everything you see
me do I did for me. Sad what a bitch can do to a n***a head.” She also
responded to the rapper’s allegation that their mother is a “clout
chaser,” adding, “You only got clout cuz of mommy stupid! How you think
you got here? Saddest thing is she paid all those studio sessions when
you was living in your car!”

Blueface later shared a throwback video in which he gave his mother $10,000 alongside a number of messages. “I bet don’t none of y’all mommas know how to go live on IG,” he wrote. “I’ll take this to the chin an let y’all eat this internet story up even got a couple more followers coming in just
remember none of you were there so none of you really knows what happen.”

Blueface defended his actions and added, “My mom let me live in my car. I got my own shit now when it’s time to go it’s time go.” He continued, “Sister tryna get a whole
modeling career going off this an y’all really buying this.”

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