Tyler The Creator’s “IGOR” is Popular Album Of 2019

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Tyler The Creator's "IGOR" is Popular Album Of 2019

Here is Amahiphop best album and popular album of 2019. We are ranking Tyler The Creator’s IGOR album as the most popular project released in 2019. We have gathered top lists and opinions from fellow media outlet.

We consider the popular album of 2019 via 50, 20 top albums from top authorities website listing its best album of 2019, Tyler The Creator has secured the best spot since his album came to light.

Tyler The Creator IGOR was released this year 2019 which followed up his 2017 album called Flower Boy. IGOR was released in May and has had a good recognition since debut. Below are top list from top pages ranking IGOR as the most popular album of 2019.

Independent.co.uk: According to top it’s top 50 albums of 2019 list, the site added IGOR as the 6 best album of 2019 and also describe it as superb production.

GQ: GQ also released top best album of 2019. On their list of best catalog, the site put out solid 21 album that qualify the streaming platforms and IGOR also appeared as No.19 album on the list. Over there, IGOR has been describe as confounds logic—and also anything resembling musical rules and norms.

Vibe; Vibe also shared new best album but under 2019. Here they made their 30 exclusive best album 2019 and IGOR took the 27 position. The album has been hyped as an emotional rollercoaster that dabbles in multiple genres.

Complex: Complex couldn’t miss telling is the best album of 2019. The media outlet released it full list of best album which includes both IGOR and more. From the 50 top released project, Tyler The Creator was album to position IGOR as No. 1 of 50 on Complex best 2019 albums and also ranked it Tyler, the Creator’s IGOR is an expression of freedom.

Theguardian: Theguardian also rank IGOR on their base. With the Top 50 2019 albums, Tyler The Creator also made the list lit. Dian ranked IGOR as the fifth best album of 2019. Tyler cavorted all over the stage celebrating an even greater breadth to his music, the site said.

Pitchfork: Pitchfork revealed the best 50 album of 2019 and it’s also all about Tyler The Creator’s brilliant album. From the top 50 albums of 2019, fork added IGOR as No. 23 album among the top 50. “Tyler, the Creator’s IGOR is an album about heartbreak, but the bright chords and harmonies suggest hope, not self-pity.”

Dazddigital: Dazddigital compiled top 20 best 2019 album not leaving IGOR as one of those scrapped out album. In the list, Tyler The Creator 2019 album joined the list of classic project under this year’s coverage. The site ranked IGOR as fifth album in the list and hype it as ” IGOR was the moment that Tyler, the Creator completed his full transition from simply a rapper, to Brian Wilson-esque auteur, complete with a compelling new look.”

Faroutmagazine: Faroutmagazine is another media sharing the best album of 2019. Tyler The Creator IGOR is also part of the list but added as 33 album in the 50 best album. According to the site, the artist continues to grow his multi-faceted talents and his latest record—just one of his many hustles -shows.

Capitalxtra: Capitalxtra only shared it’s best album of 2019 with IGOR been position as the 20 best album in their list.

Hiphopdx: Here Dx also introduce it best album of 2019. According to the heading that reads best rap hip-hop album, Tyler The Creator also added as one of the best rap album. “Tyler’s versatility and unbridled creativity are once again on full display.”

XXLMAG: LMAG 2019 best hip-hop album also welcomed IGOR as one of the breakout album we need to stream also in 2020. MAG described it as Igor album, Tyler, The Creator has stood out from the pack, releasing a musically and emotionally rich album about breakup.

HotNewHipHop: HNHH shared 25 hottest 2019 hip-hop album, enlisting Tyler The Creator IGOR also. It ranks number 6 in the list. “The emotional vulnerability that has emerged in Tyler, the Creator’s songwriting in recent years bears fruit on IGOR in ways that no one could have imagined.”

Amahiphop: On our own best album of 2019, Tyler The Creator IGOR also merits the list. The album at has gotten ton of recognition across various streaming platforms and lot more which made the album not the best but one of the popular in 2019.

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