50 Cent Reminds Young Buck Beef and Here’s New Trend

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50 Cent Reminds Young Bucks Beef and Here's New Trend

Characterizing 50 as notorious super rapper who found fondness beefing Hip-hop contemporaries is obviously one of his principles. Laying off on Young Buck could be mistake he never want despite some other side beefs with Rick Ross, Ja Rule and more.

It’s 2020 and Fiddy is till beefing, of course with Young Buck who has been on raid with fellow G-unit resident rapper and what’s new, why are they ducking it out again.

Just on Monday 4, 50 Cent trended it on Instagram and reminds his fanbase about Young Buck differences with him. This time with a photo of a Gay Pride parade.

“Hey is 2020 gay pride cancelled?” he wrote in the caption. “asking for a friend, young buck. LOL.”

His message was that Young Buck still remains gay which he has been denouncing on Buck since last year. 50 Cent maintains gay appeal on Young Buck. Cent has practice social media bullying not only with Buck also wit Ja Rule.

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