50 Cent Still on Jay-Z and Kanye West Matter, Called Out Hov’s Fault

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50 Cent Still on Jay-Z and Kanye West Matter, Called Out Hov's Fault

Jay-Z has been watching 50 Cent trolling him since this year. But Hov is quiet not interested in any more drama with Fiddy after realizing how vicious the POWER co-creator is. 50 has had much of his slash at related hip-hop moguls, Beyonce’s husband isn’t exceptional, of course has dropped few cent at J.

Amahiphop once reported 50 Cent claimed Jay-Z couldn’t beat him using Kanye West. In Da Club rapper did said just said that and adding that Jay-Z isn’t happy about Kanye West.

Same this year 50 Cent took blast at Jay-Z during Young Money Radio while with Lil Wayne. Basically, he first compliment both Eminem and Nicki Minaj then hopped on Jay-Z Meek Mill reform alliance. He also took shot at Rick Ross. “I stay away from silly shit because if you say to me … I’m not gonna say who I’m talking about, right? If you represent prison reform, how did you sign to a correctional officer and you managed by a snitch?” 50 said, alluding to Meek Mill‘s current situation with Ross and Roc Nation. “Help me with this, man!”

50 Cent has this notable beef with top heads in hip-hop and all his beef lines have been moved into 2020. Anytime Kanye West issue pops up then look around there’s 50 Cent. Kanye who West found himself into social media drama, something his wife clarified as bipolar disorder which YE suffers from, just annually.

Kanye West left more controversial comments following his announcement for 2020 presidential election. But during his South Carolina Rally, he cried out, on how he nearly killed his daughter. He called out Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner for trying to hospitalize him but sound different to 50 Cent who chimmed in and attached Jay-Z.

50 Cent who watched the video heard Kanye, “Harriet Tubman never actually freed the slaves,” 50 found who to blame. That person was JAY-Z. 50 Cent posted the clip from the South Carolina rally on Instagram and captioned: “What the fuck did he just say. This is all Jay z fault, kanye’s first Rally. LOL.”

This is the third time 50 Cent aimed at Jay-Z for responds yet no way. What do you think ?

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