Snoop Dogg Got Slapped By Vince Vaughn

Snoop Dogg Got Slapped By Vince Vaughn

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Snoop Dogg got slapped by Vince Vaughn. In a candid revelation the rapper shared a memorable encounter from his career in Hollywood when he got slapped by Vince Vaughn during the filming of “Starsky & Hutch” in 2004.

This incident, which has become a Hollywood tale in its own right, serves as a pivotal “welcome to Hollywood” moment for the rapper turned actor.

Recalling the incident on Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson’s podcast, All The Smoke, Snoop Dogg explained that during a rehearsal, Vince Vaughn’s character was supposed to deliver a line, with Snoop’s character Huggy Bear interrupting.

However, things took an unexpected turn when Vaughn’s line delivery was accompanied by an unexpected slap.

“BOW! He slapped the dog shit outta me. He slapped the dog shit out of me,” Snoop Dogg vividly remembered.

Despite his initial inclination to react, he showcased his acting professionalism, “the actor in me was like …” and smoothly continued with his lines, delivering a commendable performance.

Aside from this unique on-set experience, Snoop Dogg has ventured into various successful Hollywood endeavors.

He recently launched an ice cream brand named Dr. Bombay, inspired by the entrepreneurial prowess of his longtime friends, Martha Stewart and Master P.

Acknowledging the influence of Master P and Martha Stewart on his entrepreneurial journey, Snoop Dogg commended Master P for teaching him vital business skills such as branding and marketing.

Meanwhile, Martha Stewart played a pivotal role in helping him understand how to elevate his ventures to the next level, imparting wisdom on expanding business horizons and diversifying portfolios.

As Snoop Dogg‘s career continues to evolve, his Hollywood journey is peppered with intriguing stories, not only of his accomplishments but also of his candid encounters with fellow industry personalities.