Polo G Claims He Earned $30M from Piano-Featured Songs

Polo G Claims He Earned $30M from Piano-Featured Songs

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Polo G claims he earned $30M while he was contemplating on a potential retirement after an upcoming final album run.

On Thursday (August 17), the 24-year-old rapper conveyed on Twitter saying:

“This rap shit got so lame and watered down it ain’t no fun in it no more.”

Following this, he added:

“Honestly after my hood poet album I’m considering retiring from music [purple heart emoji, two hand-heart emojis]. I appreciate everybody ridin for me 10 fold [tornado emoji].”

Supporting his inclination to leave the industry, he elaborated the next day by disclosing his earnings throughout his relatively short career.

In a tweet that was subsequently deleted on Friday (August 18), the Chicago MC Polo G  claims he earned $30M from #pianoG.

Although it remains unclear whether he is referring to his song “Piano G” specifically, or the numerous tracks he’s composed using the piano.

Also, the rapper recently took a page from Frank Ocean’s playbook by orchestrating a 24-hour livestream prior to the anticipated release of what could be his final album, “Hood Poet”. The album is slated to launch on September 15.

Among the art pieces he created was the title of his upcoming album, which he also shared a trailer for on Instagram. A new single from the project, titled “Barely Holdin’ On,” dropped on Friday (August 18).

Taking inspiration from Frank Ocean’s 2016 enigmatic, multi-day livestream before the release of “Endless”. Polo G’s approach mirrored the R&B maestro constructing a staircase within an empty space, complemented by instrumentals and alternate versions of songs from the aforementioned project.

Polo G unveiled the release date of his album after previously releasing his single, “No Time Wasted,” featuring Future. Following a hiatus since his last full-length release, “Hall of Fame 2.0” in 2021, fans are eagerly awaiting new material from the Chicago native.