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MeekMill criticized record labels with a scathing attack. He accused them of acting as alleged ‘culture vultures’ and taking advantage of the artists they sign.

The head of Dream Chasers took to Threads on Thursday (August 17) to vent his frustration. MeekMill criticized record labels executives of allegedly exploiting artists who might not fully comprehend the complexities of the industry.

In his fiery rant, he expressed his disdain for labels’ actions.

“There’s a point where we need to direct artists and their teams towards those siphoning money and leading us towards bad business choices,” he began.

He said that record labels deserve no respect; they’re operating without accountability on the largest scale ever.

Also he said that lawyers aligned with corporations are manipulating young artists with business they can’t grasp, reaping all the rewards…

Later on his Instagram Story, Meek hinted at grappling with the dilemma of confronting label executives for alleged financial misconduct, struggling to find a way to address the issue without resorting to violence or street tactics.

“Actual killers and robbers know they’d risk their lives if they approached me… but I’m allowing business people to rob me of what’s mine. I don’t know, man, I’m really unsure how to handle this one… I’m staying away from the internet,” he wrote.

The Philadelphia rapper has never shied away from criticizing major labels since he chose the independent route.

In another post, he added:

“Business people trying to exploit my ignorance is my biggest hurdle… Sometimes, I genuinely want to show them how I truly make people pay for crossing me… Because they engage in so many mind games… but the battles we fight are far too intense for them”.

The Shade Room reposted Meek’s statements, and Waka Flocka Flame joined the conversation in the comments section to offer some advice.

“All this implies is that it’s time to engage professionals with seasoned experience, trust me, it’s been here before… nobody can cheat a man who’s never signed a paper… you got this, bro,” he wrote.