Nicki Minaj Gets New Title “The Female Jay-Z” – BIA

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Nicki Minaj might be one of the most female rappers alive he has faced a series of backslash from different headquarters but it’s not taken seriously by her.

Just like you love listening to Cardi B songs some folks are desperate about Nicki Minaj songs and other related behaviour. BIA isn’t shy giving her major props to Nicki Minaj, she just gave Nicki Minaj a huge title as the most respected female rapper alive.

The appeal behind this accolade is simply coming from BIA’s Whole Lotta Money song remix which has gone platinum meanwhile, he has every right to say whatever respect she own Nicki and during her Billboard interview here is what she has to already said.

“I always say to people, when you speak of Nicki, you got to speak on her like how you speak on Jay-Z and the greats that laid out the foundation for the people that’s after them,” she said. BIA added that Nicki had done a lot for younger artists and that her catalog of music was just as impressive as some of the greats in the game.

BIA photo

“She broke amazing records and she’s made it easier for people like me to come through and do what we do. I’m always going to give her that credit and that respect because she helped me hit another milestone in my career,” she continued.

While Jay-Z is one of the most respected hip-hop moguls in the hip-hop generation, Nicki Minaj has also played a vital role in the game which not only BIA has confirmed but person like Megan The Stallion has also praised Nicki.