DJ Khaled collaboration

DJ Khaled is envisioning the ideal collaboration

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Though DJ Khaled has already achieved his objective in the past, he has a dream collaboration in mind.

In an interview with Billboard that was published on Monday, March 26, Khaled stated he hopes to work with Rihanna once more when discussing his new campaign with DJEEP lighters.

“I want to work again with Rihanna,” he says. “I’ve worked with her and we made a big hit record called ‘Wild Thoughts.’ I want to make another record with her. That’s my wishlist.”

“Wild Thoughts,” which debuted in 2017 and featured Bryson Tiller, was the third single off Khaled’s ninth studio album, Grateful. With 89,000 digital downloads sold and 36.3 million plays, the song debuted at No. 4 on the Billboard Hot 100, becoming Rihanna’s 31st top ten, Khaled’s third, and Tiller’s first.

As the release date for Grateful drew closer, Khaled said to N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN during his 2022 visit on Drink Champs that he was prepared to go to great measures to complete “Wild Thoughts.”

Tiller had to recreate his vocals for the song after Khaled and he recorded it together then Rihanna joined on it, changing the record’s key.

I told Bryson Tiller, “Hey, great news,” over the phone. The vocals of RiRi are in. Fantastic news,” he said. I play the album to Bryson Tiller at his Los Angeles home, and we get all excited. “I need you to cut your vocals up because the music is pitching up now, so you gotta cut your vocals up,” I tell him. Even I had to adjust my behavior. He said, “No issue.” I walk away.

I’m phoning Bryson Tiller because my record is dropping in about two weeks. I need you to edit over the vocals, because you know that Rihanna’s vocals are done. Have you heard that correctly? Everyone is ecstatic.