Cardi b Comes for trolls who thinks she’s going to prison

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The up rapper, Cardi b has been in the forefront of the music industry since her debut, breaking records and receiving accolades for music. The rapper recently celebrated her birthday in Jamaican theme bash just few weeks after giving birth to her new born child and since then, she’s been back on the social media to either drag or support her fans or haters.

Just back in 2018, the rapper was involved in a fight at a strip club and was accused of harassing strip club workers by throwing a bottle at them. The rapper was charged with reckless endangerment and assault.

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The rapper had a court hearing yesterday and pleaded not guilty to third degree assualt although she was offered the chance to for a conditional discharge. The court hearing has been shifted to Monday and if she pleads guilty, the rapper might be facing a 4yr jail term which might affect her music career and her family.

Cardi b

Fans has taken twitter to drag the rapper that she is going to prison and also laughed at her. Cardi, being a bardi of clap backs in response said she be breaking more records before prison. “Before I go to prison you gone see me breakin more records and making more Ms,” she said

In response to Another twitter user who suggested that she gets a better lawyer or her husband won’t take of her kids she said, “My man is allow to be with his kids so what’s your point ?” she responded.The rapper also thanked her fans for their gifts as she also shared it on the media