Why Meek Mill Jet Got Feds Search Conduct

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Why Meek Mill's Private Jet Got Feds Search Conduct

Meek Mill private jet got riddled by Feds conducting extensive investigation after the jet fled from from it’s stationary then down to Miami. Report told Amahiphop this isn’t the first time the Philly Rapper’s private was searched.

Meek Mill previously shared on his Instagram live story with caption that left fans what exactly wrong with Milly and his jet in Miami. You remember last year when Lil Wayne’s private jet undergone the same search conduct. According to media outlet, he was was supervised against drugs substance then with metal handlers.

Probably Meek Mill might have escaped victim of drugs and gun charges since his jet was drugs and gun free. However, he took to his social account follow the incident. “Searching the jet againnnnnn,” Meek captioned the video. “Somebody calling them. Gotta be looking for drugs on us. That’s a insult.” 

From his own few, Meek thinks the jet was search because they believe he was embodied with drugs. “He acting like we got a load of drugs,” he said. “He done called the people on us again.”

This actually doesn’t mark the first time Meek’s plane has been searched in recent days. Over the weekend, Meek shared footage of another search in Miami.

“How many times we gotta be searched being black, man?” he said at the time. “I be telling them ‘The least y’all could do is give us an explanation.'”

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