Travis Scott Leaks: Fans Shocked with Nine Unreleased Tracks and Collaborations

Travis Scott Leaks: Fans Shocked with Nine Unreleased Tracks and Collaborations

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Over the course of a single night, fans of both Drake and Travis Scott were in for a surprise as four new tracks from Drake and nine new leaks from Travis Scott made their way onto the internet, leaving fans buzzing with excitement and anticipation. However, for Travis Scott, it seemed that his luck was not on his side, as the nine leaked tracks included unreleased songs from different periods of his career, ranging from his early days in 2013 to more recent times in 2021.

The leaked Travis Scott tracks are a mix of his own solo projects and collaborations with other artists. Among them is “Gold Blackberry,” a track from the Utopia era that is rumored to be included in his upcoming album, although the leak could potentially change that plan. Another notable leaked collaboration is “Get Off Me,” which features Travis Scott alongside Kid Cudi and DJ Drama, and was likely a part of the pair’s previously scrapped collaborative album. Other leaked tracks include “Side to Side (Ring Ring)” from 2016, “Feel It” with PARTYNEXTDOOR from 2017, and “I’m Good” featuring M.I.A from 2020.

Interestingly, some of the leaked songs were collaborations with notable artists from different genres, such as James Blake and Bon Iver. One such collaboration, “Naked,” features Travis Scott alongside Bon Iver and was recorded back in 2013. The leaked songs offer a unique insight into Travis Scott’s musical evolution, showcasing the range and depth of his talent as an artist.

Despite the excitement surrounding the leaked tracks, it is unlikely that these songs would ever be officially released. Given the years in which most of these tracks were created, it is safe to say that they would not fit within the artist’s current discography or project plans. Nonetheless, the leaked tracks have given fans a glimpse into the creative process behind Travis Scott’s music and the collaborations that he has worked on over the years. As with any musical leak, the excitement that surrounds them is often bittersweet, as fans are left wondering what could have been had these songs been released officially.

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