The Game Wants his 50 Cent Beef End Like 2pac and Biggie

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One of the most annoying death hip-hop ever had could be Tupac and Biggie. They are also Legendary rappers of all time. While hip-hop community continue to face some side beef, peers in beef and counterparts feuds, The Game and 50 wants this historical beef fortunes and according to Games recent Interview, he let it known how he want his 50 Cent foe.

The two Hate It or Love It rapper have suprise us as their brawl squeezed off yet Game not silencing his thoughts, his outspoken about 50 Cent is something he shared recently across DX. Game previously flash is with timeless unreleased song with Fiddy . That was sign showing their signed peace after acting like adversaries over the past years.

The Game said wants this beef to end in death just like Pac and Biggie proved that thug life. He gave his reasons, adding that when you’re young, you’re stupid as fuck, man. I just felt like in a weird way, this was hip hop. The West Side rapper talked about series of unfortunates which would have happen if only the beef is still in existence.

“I wanted it to end like that. ‘Cause when you’re young, you’re stupid as fuck, man. I just felt like in a weird way, this was hip hop. We were supposed to die in this shit. My mindset was like, ‘If I get killed out here in New York,’ cause I recorded the whole The Doctor’s Advocate in New York. I stayed in New York for 60 days and completed that album, which is why it had like Busta [Rhymes] and Nas, it was more East Coast but still had my West Coast style. I thought even if I get killed in the east, when 50 goes to the west like my homies my coast my fans are gonna kill him.” he sad when asked why he wants the beef to end like Pac and Biggie.

The Game was so deadly during the time of his beef with the Power co-creator. He bought guns which he carries around New York City and he don’t care loosing his life owing to his infamous feud with vicious 50.

50 Cent and The Game’s beef also attracted late Michael Jackson who called Game to turn off his beef with 50 Cent so they can drop collaboration but that time it was all flammable and the turn didn’t hit over the cause of beef.

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