Scarface Quitting Rap for politics “For me it’s done,”

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Scarface is counting out of rap career then thinks politics is the best place to obtain more and accomplish dream goals. Fans are questioning  why but seem like born Brad Jordan wants to quite rap unbeknown to anybody but he’s airing into an interview is even speculatory frenzy and you all need to here what he’s saying.

During some minutes with FADER, he stated that he’s done with rap. Source further told Amahiphop that Scarface has been on political endeavor yet disclosed the rapper is getting behind politics despite first more. Earlier last week, Scarface let us know about shelved plan he’s about to get hold on.   Houston City Council that’s what he is running for meanwhile face is stepping up and pivots to politics.

“For me it’s done,” he said. “I like the idea of politics.” He proceed with optimistic emphasis, positively encourage and unleash more about his new brand. Well, running HCC is a bit step to level up and he obviously saying will running for Governor after this target done. “This is gonna be my start in politics,” he explained. “I wanted to get
my legs up under before I run for governor, before I run for mayor.”

Weighing into the interview, he unwrapped some reasons why he is being attracted by politics. Nothing only that he wants to get rap ride off but revealing his major aim. So is about neighborhood, seeing struggling and suffering in Houston City. Scarface wants to stop people  loitering, hanging out, getting into trouble only if he could get this chance. Some of speech context made known that the 48yrs face is coming to fix all this even land to contest for president probably after Governor.

“Growing up, I got a chance to witness a lot of struggle in my neighborhood,” he said. “A lot of people struggled, myself included. As I got older, I noticed that there was still a lot of struggling going on. If it wasn’t drugs, it was no jobs. If it wasn’t no jobs, it was people out loitering, hanging out, getting into trouble.

“I’m 48 years old and that’s been going on before me. I wanna take it upon myself to fix the situation. I think I have some new, fresh ideas. I think that the traditional way of doing politics is over now. Let’s come up with some real solutions.”

Scarface has grand plans for the future. He’s considering running for president one day, but until then he said he doesn’t need any wealthy financial backers for this race.

“I’m not gonna need them on this one,” he said. “I’ll call them when I run for governor or president. I’m gonna run. Gimmie four to eight years.”

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