Rick Ross Working Out

Rick Ross supports use of Weed while Working Out

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I don’t see why anyone else would smoke pot while working out, Rick Ross sees nothing wrong with it either.

On Thursday, April 11, Rozay posted a query on his Instagram Story, asking why some people found it offensive that he was drinking herbal beverages while working out.

“I have a query,” he started. “What do you guys think is wrong with smoking a little cannabis or marijuana while working out, for those of you in my direct message? What’s the issue?

“After working out, you’re going to smoke.” You take a smoke before working out. What’s the issue? I feel fantastic. I feel wonderful.

It’s not just Rick Ross that enjoys smoking during a workout. Wiz Khalifa disclosed last year that it genuinely aids in his breath control, which is crucial for both the stage and the gym.

“Nope [I don’t get tired at all]—I have excellent cardio,” Wiz stated in a GQ interview. “I really believe that smoking marijuana helps my wind a little better because it gives me breath control and allows me to take these deep, long breaths that regular people don’t experience when they don’t drag strong marijuana.”

Other Rozay news: Rick Ross’s line on Future and Metro Boomin’s “Everyday Hustle” provoked a savage response from his former partner Tia Kemp, who said that one of the rapper’s kids looked like Drake.

In the song in question, Ross spits, “Baby mama still the biggest opp/ Team of shooters just to keep it locked.” It was published as a part of the album We Don’t Trust You.