Kendrick Lamar Celebrates Section.80

Organizers at Kendrick Lamar’s Day N Vegas Festival Prevents Crowd Surge

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2021 is one of these years Travis Scott and Drake won’t forget the following extensive Crowd surge that led to at least 8 persons losing their lives. Travis Scott Astroworld festival 2021 has been marking though Travis Scott and Drake have issued statements as regards awful events. Organizers at Kendrick’s

But majorly, Travis Scott Astroworld organizers are being held accountable, of course, many are suing the rapper over the last of lives. About 90 lawsuit is against Kylie Jenner’s boy.

While that can’t just be off the internet, more event organizers are taking measures on the crown surge. Recently, Kendrick Lamar celebrated ‘Section.80’ during casually dazzling Day N Vegas Set. That was so cool and his organizers are being credited for a good job.

Kendrick brings back Section 80′ again after its 9th anniversary. The 10th anniversary was cool and coordinated although people were afraid of another run-in event just like the Scott Astroworld festival. Section 80 Was released in 2011, giving the rapper pretty recognition over his career.

Taking a deep look at the album, it has been convinced with the reason why K Dot keeps on celebrating.

According to Rollingstone, ”The rapper became a hit-maker and cultural phenomenon on his follow-up, Good Kid, M.A.A.D City, in 2012; he’s racked up pretty much every accolade available, from platinum plaques to Pulitzers, in the years since. But he wasn’t always a juggernaut — casting back to Section.80 was a chance for a star to revisit his roots as a scrappy up-and-comer”.

Day N Vegas Festival went nice with other artists appearances like Polo G, Roddy Ricch and more. There weren’t casualties recorded. Apart from the smooth festival that took place last Friday, fans on Twitter have left a good response seeing K.Dot on stage again. Seeing him on stage again is a dream come true, as one fan also tweeted.

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