Chance the rapper I will be your

Listen to Chance The Rapper New Single “I Will Be Your”

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When fans are waiting  for Chance The Rapper to make a return to the rap game with his sophomore album, titled “Star Line Gallery,” he releaseda single titled “I Will Be Your” instead.

Despite not releasing the actual Album fans were expecting, they are still much happy with him releasing  the track “I will be your” as they still hope that he will release the album “Star Line Gallery” anytime from now.

Moreover, this nrw track is actually going to be mean a lot to so many people following  the fact that it is a song dedicated to Black Star Line Festival which is a event that is mainly for the promotion and solidification of all black stars yound and old artists.

Speaking  about the sophomore album, titled “Star Line Gallery,” the rapper actually  made soke serious reveal about the release on the Christmas period and his fans are really hoping  that he will drop it as he returning project.

But instead, he came up with the track “I will be Your” Meanwhile, Chance The Rapper has remained one of the artists who always do their things in a very unique way and most time they might take fans unaware with some of their moves in their music crafts.

Many fans are really enjoying the new single as he actually was so creative  and energetic with every of his verse in the song, and some people  are already tagging it to be one of his most meaningful and greatest work he has done so far with his music craft.

Chance The Rapper is still working  on the sophomore album, titled “Star Line Gallery,” amd once every thing is set, he will he releasing it as fans can’t wait to listen want he has coming.