Missy Elliott bond with Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne Showers Love to Missy Elliott on New Single “Kat Food”

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Legendary Rapper “Lil  Wayne” has always been  loving  and showing  supports to Missy Elliott  in so many ways, but recently, he dragged  the attention of lots of his followers to their friendship with his new single “Kat Food”

A lot of Lil Wayne’s  followers  have started  talking about the friendship  that is existing  between  him and Missy Elliott  after he presented a classic from her catalog on his newest track.

Lil Wayne  released  his latest single  “Kat Fish” on Friday (September 1) where he sampled  Missy Elliott old track “Work it” that the female singer released  in the year 2002.

This is a very old track from Missy Elliott, but Lil Wayne  is trying to bring  the sound back to live and make it trend again by sampling it on his newest  track “Kat Food”.

“I’m walking ’round my house with jewelry on/ Diamonds in my mouth, I eat her out and now her pussy glowing/ She say she a eater, I’ma feed her like I’ve cooked before/ Ass, pussy, boobs, APB, yeah, I’m lookin’ for ’em,”.  He Raps.

Meanwhile, Lil Wayne also has an upcoming  album “Tha Carter VI” which fans are highly  anticipating,  but fans are not sure of his new single “Kat Food” will be appearing  on the upcoming  album.

Meanwhile, after Lil Wayne has sampled  Missy Elliott’s 2002 track “Work it” on his newest track, fans now strongly believes  that Lil Wayne and Missy Elliott  have a very strong bond, following  the fact that he also got her a custom raincoat with a matching umbrella gift  to her which she publicly appreciated him.

“@LilTunechi again I Thank you for the Amazing coat (purple my favorite color) & you even got me the umbrella that say ‘I Can’t Stand The Rain’ on it!.”