Lil Wayne and Wiz Khalifa are The Most Featured Artists In 2019

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Lil Wayne didn’t drop any project in 2019 but was about to release a new project Funeral which later surfaced in 2020. But before that, we have noticed extensive collaborations which Liltunechi has helped on.

Wiz Khalifa was on-trend, staying on brand with new collaborations in 2019 although it wasn’t enough to be compared with Lil Wayne collaborations. Lil Wayne has had more features before his 2020 album unlike other artists

You might want to check out Wiz Khalifa’s featured songs in 2019 and Lil Wayne featured songs in the same year. Rick Ross still manages to be one of the top featured Hip-Hop artists but Lil Wayne surpasses all.

Both rappers are currently having their compilation on Amahiphop. This year’s Amahiphop songs compilation series has so many artists who have gotten featured already and the most featured artist will be announced in January 2022.

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