Juicy J Leaves Columbia Record to Work With Wiz Khalifa

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Juicy J Leaves Columbia Record to Work With Wiz Khalifa

Juicy J is so serious, he don’t want want to spend more time with Columbia Record. The record label where he also drop some of his hits songs to his fans.

Thing has then fall apart and the Three 6 Mafia is blasting up with Wiz Khalifa whom he already mentioned to be the first rapper on his first independent single slated to debut Friday.

The rapper once dissed Columbia Record both on social media and also drop diss track which he called ‘Fuk Columbia Records’. “I gave @ColumbiaRecords 20 + years of my life & they treat me like back wash,” he had tweeted. “Everybody is calling my phone telling me not to post the song fuk em!” he continued.

He later resolved the the problem he had but it looks like it’s all wash, after then rapper come back noting he is now an independent artist with no lable attached.

“My first independent single drops on Friday ft. Wiz Khalifa produced by me and Lex Lugar,” it’s titled GHA DAMN HIGH

Meanwhile Wiz Khalifa and J are readying new song as the month about to end. The song will drop this Friday as said. Wiz Khalifa is also working on new project Big Pimpin and delivered new videos which can be watched on Amahiphop July videos.

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