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DaBaby Begins his 2023 with Industry Song & Video

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DaBaby is one of these rappers that had a beautiful 2022. He appeared on Aswehiphop’s top compilations in 2022. While we have seen him on multiple videos just last year from his album Baby On Baby 2, today DaBaby has begun his 2023 journey with a fresh release of a song titled Industry.

DaBaby’s last song before his Industry song was released in December. It was just a single titled Joc In 06. However, the rapper is now working on a new project and his newly released single is simply representing his upcoming album.

DaBaby Industry song also welcomed its official video you can also watch below. The video was shot in one single room where the rapper rap through the whole beat.

“I’m in here, doing my dance up in this bitch, pull up in a Maybach,” he raps over the Uzohabor-produced banger. “These niggas thought it was over for me, why the fuck would you say that? / I pull up, slap the fuck out of one of these DJ’s, tell ’em to play that.” he raps.

DaBaby in January was absolutely silent but has continued to work on a new single and album. However, we are yet to update the rapper’s new 2023 album title. Though stay tuned for more updates.

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