Cardi B makes peace with Madonna

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For some period of time now, there have been a kind of beef between the two female rappers, ” Cardi B and Madonna, but the two has settled things between each other after they addressed their issues.

the cause of their beefing was due to a social media post from Cardi B which actually seemed disrespectful  to maddonna, that was the beginning of their beef, but the two female rappers has taken out time to set thing upward for themselves.

Meanwhile everything all started after Madonna’s 30th anniversary of controversial coffee table book Sex, which was first release on October 21, 1992. In the InstaStory, the singer addressed the statements and reactions she got over the book’s sex-positive content.

this statements actually came fom her colleagues in the industry such as Cardi B and Miley Cyrus and influencers like Kim Kardashian, and also some of her fans who didn’t see that as a good thing for the ladies just as she noted that she did that in order to “open the door for women to be free with their bodies”

meanwhile a good number of people did not see it that way, but instead she had a lot of interviews with some people who according to her “tried to shame me for empowering myself as a woman.”

A lot of people may be willing to know the content of Madonna’s controversial coffee table book Sex, well we got your back. The Madonna’s controversial coffee table book Sex actually contains her naked pictures,  photos of men kissing men, woman kissing woman, and also photos of madonna kissing everyone.

meanwhile as madonna was facing some tough time, she made made a statement on twitter which got Cardi b to fire back at her, but later on , cardi made another post confirming their settlement.


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