Cardi B Hospitalized in Middle Of Coronavirus Outbreak

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Cardi B Hospitalized in Middle Of Coronavirus Outback

The worst thing you could do to yourself is getting admitted in nearby hospital. But lets get it not everyone sick is Covid-19 positive.

Cardi B was hospitalized on Wednesday night and it sparks lot of debates. Actually Money rapper took to Twitter and let it known that she was diagnosed. 

Many wondering if Cardi B did come in contact with Deadliest virus, Covid-19, and it’s all different since Bard believes she has been facing health difficulty like stomach pain.

“Honestly cause I been having some real bad stomach problems for four days, I went to the ER last night. I’m feeling way better. Hopefully tomorrow I will feel no more pain,” she said.

Card B could be on Self-Isolation taking Precautionary measures against the fact and fiction virus. Though her recent check has gotten conspiracy theory from few claim the rapper/singer, 27, victimized with Coronavirus outbreak.

She’s also one of those helping to exit COVID-19 Pandemic just like Rihanna and Jay-Z.

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