Bun B Invited Beyoncé to Trill Burgers

Bun B Invited Beyoncé to Trill Burgers

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In response to claims that Beyoncé is prohibited from entering certain restaurants, the UGK legend Bun B invited Beyoncé to his own establishment, Trill Burgers restaurant.

After a discussion about an alleged “Michael Jackson Law” that supposedly prevents Beyoncé from freely entering restaurants. Bun B invited Beyoncé regardless as he took it upon himself to offer an open invitation.

Refusing to accept the notion that Beyoncé is banned from restaurants, Bun B shared a post from Raps & Laughs on his Instagram Story, stating…

“Sorry @cthagod but the Queen @beyonce is more than welcome to dine @trillburgers and we can anticipate and handle any and all issues on site bro! F**k yu mean lol!”

Trill Burgers, Bun B’s culinary venture, has already received high praise from celebrities, with Drake recently visiting the establishment and declaring its burger as the “best burger” he’s ever had.

Bun B’s willingness to host celebrities, including those of Beyoncé’s stature, underscores the inclusive and welcoming environment he aims to create.

Amidst rumors of dining restrictions for Beyoncé, Bun B’s public invitation showcases his dedication to ensuring that everyone, regardless of their status, feels welcome at Trill Burgers.

As an influential figure in both the music and culinary realms, Bun B’s gesture embodies unity and inclusivity, reinforcing the notion that great food and camaraderie know no boundaries.