Born 2 Rap Is “Quality’ over Quantity” – The Game

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Born 2 Rap Is "Quality' over Quantity" - The Game

This reminds me about Dr Dre who gave his own view about new Hip-Hop. Legendary producer examines new hip platform then said is Quantity over Quality. He simply mean new rappers has been rubbing off the culture, the Hip-Hop genre. Love it or loath, The Game agrees Born 2 Rap, an album with Quality Over Quantity. Never tried to go contrary to Dr Dre and both Dr Dre, The Game and some other prestigious living 90’s have produce the right volume of valuable hip-hop songs and albums till date

The Game continue to assures us about B 2 Rap album rocking A.O.T.Y soon. Fully optimistic and no desperation towards his star studded album which packed masterminds talents and desperately believes it pays off in a big way.

Compton, California rap star Game spilled some of his classic stores talks about the motivation, why the delay. Game said that why he halted album date was that wants to release a solidify album. Brilliant album which will maintain his stand in hip-hop community.

“I’ve had a great run and surpassed my rap goals a long time ago. It’s by God’s grace that I’m able to still be here to deliver full projects at this caliber in an industry where I’ve seen artists come and go,” Game explained. “It will always be ‘quality’ over ‘quantity’ from where I stand. The real music will always prevail and this album will cap off an amazing run.”

“I’m grateful for all the producers and artists who’ve helped this album become what it is and I am more excited for my fans than I am for myself. This album will go #1! Because it’s classic!” he said. What do you think. Listen below.

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