Azealia Banks squeezes Retirement with “Nirvana” New Song – Listen

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Azealia Banks squeezes Retirement with "Nirvana" New Song - Liaten

2019, slew of masterminds rappers threatened retirement. To me that’s unpredictable, and can’t really lead emphasis why they’re coming back, sounds funny right ?

Indeed if you’re addicted to Amahiphop then you could be able to recall when scareface, The Game talked about retirement and other gender includes Azealia Banks then Nicki Minaj once admitted she’s retiring to take family responsibility but currently she’s on new album.

Azealia is quite notorious to retire and late December she talked about her music front going to rest. However, look like 2020 Banks already shelve plans to put out new project and she mistakenly ? shared new single on SoundCloud titled Nirvana. Listening to the song you will hear her rapping in Spanish fluently over a Drill-influenced instrumental. She also infuses some English lyrics towards the end. Listen to it below.

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