50 Cent Says Eminem Working On New Album – Watch Interview

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50 Cent Says Eminem Working On New Album

Eminem has been keep relatively low profile since his Kamikaze stroke against most adversary. His absent lastly on 2019 album is something do like to talk about but 50 Cent is currently answering queries which fans might like to hear from Eminem.

Eminem is prepping new album ? This isn’t the first time our earshot has been behind such idea yet, Fiddy relentlessly talking Eminem new project is on the way to streaming. POWER co-creator once talked about Eminem, he unviled that Slim Shady is crafting new album and during a new Interview with Hollywood Reported, vicious Cent pointed same thing. He noted Em has kickstart a new record and it also means that 50 Cent is one of the those people who have percived the project.

50 Cent confirmed this as the second time and without no doubt Eminem new album is up in the air. Over the past months, Foofy had his best interviews were he promotes his POWER 6. His THR Interview brought attention from his POWER 6 season then hopped on Eminem. “I got another record from Em he sent for his new album,” 50 said around the seven-minute mark.

50 Cent and Eminem had this common share with Ed Sheeran’s “Remember The Name”. Both rap powerhouse haven’t deliver any joint project or new solo album but Ed Sheeran came in, crew Cent and Slim on his No. 6 collaboration. You can watch his previous Interview below.

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