Drake son freestyle

Watch “My man freestyle” by Adonis,Drake’s Son

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A few days after the release of Drake’s album “for all the dogs“,His son ,Adonis seemingly takes after his father as he drops a hit rap,titled by his father as “My man freestyle”

This hit freestyle by drakes son ,Adonis,has been taken as a gift to lots of audience and fans of Drake to celebrate the young lad’s birthday which took place in the 11th of october , 2023.

In a shout out on Drake instagram on sunday night congratulates the young Lad and also launches his freestyle

“Happy birthday my son…MY MAN FREESTYLE OUT NOW,” Drake Said

The freestyle with amazing lyrics kept many amazed wondering where he got that from,

“I was waiting for this moment to arrive

I was driving in the car and I smash my car

I was playing in on my iPad and I broke my iPad” rapped Adonis

I’m going to my house, seeing my dad

I am saying hi to my dad and I have to go change ,’m playing basketball,” He added .

To applaud his son,Drake featured Adonis freestyle on his latest hit album “for all the dogs” ,as he also was the lead artist to the hit album cover.

Drake also featured sparingly on the freestyle video as he lets his son to take the full scene of the video.

Expressing full joy in a basket ball indoor court game with his friends,a gym workout and some friends talk ,All these spiced up the Freestyle video.watch the video below