The Game’s New Project Joins 2019 November Albums

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The Game's Latest Project Joins 2019 November Albums

Amahiphop started its album compilation last August. There are many albums released over the past season, September albums was a bit interesting yet this current season packed projects which we can still count as those albums under October. One of the album fans laid their streaming is JIK.

While we keep on waiting, most minds patiently standing out for the sake of Born To Rap album. This project never surfaced for real but some few songs are playing on background, at least West Side can be sight as one of the track making the trackslist.

Born To Rap will definitely hit as last project the veteran MC (The Game) will have. The Game is quitting rap and the suprise announcement can be trace over the past three months. He made his advocate about dropping the Mic, shared album title and today Game announced the releasing for his anticipated Born To Rap album slated to be his final journey.

However, his crystal clear Instagram announcement was so obvious. He caught more attention from his fanbase, let it be known that Born To Rap is dropping next month being November.

“Hood morning (no typo),” he wrote in the caption. “To my day 1 fans & those waiting on the album…. I know I’ve been quiet but I’ve been grinding, tightening up the album for a November release. In the process, I started @prolificrecordsla & I will drop my last studio album #Born2Rap on this imprint.

 “I’ve created classic merch & here are a few of my favorites !!!! Go to & shop NOW !!!! REAL FANS ONLY !!!! Get the merch before the album drop next month [CLICK THE LINK IN MY BIO] #Prolific.”

Meanwhile, The Game is releasing his latest project next month and probably that will simply going to be his last album of his career. Amahiphop November album 2019 is still beyond  some days. Some albums we expect to hit streaming include both Drake’s new album, Lil Wayne, Rihanna and more of those traditional upcoming albums.

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