Prank victim visits Jay z and Beyonce home and it involved the cops

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It was around 12:30 am when a man was standing in the front of Beyonc√© and Jay z’s home. This couple are known to have houses round the globe but this one was on Briar patch road.

The victim pressed the bell to the house which attracted the security. When was he asked who he was looking for,He named a specific person as redacted from the paper work in his hands.

The guards suspected the whole incident and called the cops. The cops could identify the man because the gaurd had provided them with a photo from their footage and the cops were able to find the victim in a few driveways from the celebs home.

The cops where able to take the  man down to the train station as the man said it might be a prank or a joke.

Pranks are really fun but not when it gets to involve the cops.

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