Nick Cannon and 50 Cent Wants to Work Together ?

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Nick Cannon and 50 Cent Wants to Work Together ?

What exactly are they up to, and after the social media verbal altercation which was reignite following Fat Joe’s Family Ties, then caught up Eminem using one of the song on the same album known as Lord Above and lashes some rap shots at Nick Cannon.

Actually 2019 was totally a fling out diss from different headquarters to other and Eminem common beef with Nick Cannon got the best support from 50 Cent against Nick.

While we have trademarked Slim Shady and The Invitation rapper as foes that haven’t buried differences riddling in between them over the past years, we still can figure out some positive plans from both Nick Cannon and 50 Cent despite Fiddy not poking fun at Nick trying to stay relevant with Eminem by using diss platform.

Well, we strictly took surveillance on new interview, differently spotted 50 Cent at The Breakfast Club then Nick Cannon led his opinion about 50 Cent at 99Jamzmiami. 

50 Cent was asked if he would cast him in one of his upcoming POWER spinoffs, 50 said: “Yeah, if he did a good job. He did great in Drumline.” It looks the energy is being reciprocated as even Nick says he would like to work with 50 on a TV venture. During an interview with 99 Jamz, Nick first invites him to a taping of his hit show, MTV Wild ‘n Out and then congratulates him for all the success so far as a TV executive. Watch the interviews below.

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