New Hip-hop Beef Buried, Future & 2 Chainz

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New Hip-hop Beef Buried, Future & 2 Chainz

I don’t wanna talk about Cardi and Nicki Minaj shelving to squeeze their off and on social brawl. Well, there’s a new development from hip-hop today and am talking about 2 Chainz and Future who once made a headline although as of past days.Both minds keep it ice without igniting social media beef but folks thinks they stepping on each other.

Majority of use believes that Chainz and the SAVE ME rapper has been on series of beef ? not sure if they are feuding but 2 Chainz recently clear it up, letting all and sundry know something in between him and fellow Atlanta rapper.

He even thinks people has been behind him and peer rapper Chainz, saying both had a problem which is pure not.

“People thought me and Bru had a problem w/ each other which is not true,” Tity Boi tweeted. “We have some the same street connections and spoke a lot behind closed doors!” he said on Twitter. In addition, he revealed that both are prepping to release new song which will soon surface as soon as possible. The song will definitely mark doubt.

“This song I’m droppin #DEADMANWALKING a celebration for the streets. 2 hustlas who made it out the mud w/o hating on each other!” Love it or Loath it, both are seriously getting along also has dropped receptive album this year which is Rap Or Go To The League and SAVE ME.

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