Eminem and Lil Wayne Performing at Mike Tyson Fight with Roy Jones

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Eminem and Lil Wayne Performing at Mike Tyson Fight with Roy Jones

Eminem and Lil Wayne are going to meeting once again after we watch them at Young Money Radio. Both are good dudes and have worked together in the past years without no bad blood attached.

Slim Shady and Lilting will be welcomed as official get as Mike Tyson and Roy Jones fight about to kickoff. According to Jake Paul, the fight is not only going to feature appearance like Lil Wayne, Eminem but both Post Malone also going to perform.

However, this is a great awareness since the fight is literally slated on September 12, not even next month, we have to wait till September to watch it in a Pay-Per-View boxing match.

The anticipated event is also home to the undercard fight between YouTube sensation Jake Paul and ex-NBA point guard Nate Robinson, a tilt destined to attract younger viewers unfamiliar with Tyson and Jones Jr’s respective exploits.

Ask Amahiphop what they’re about to perform, then we probably going to tell you Eminem and Lil Wayne might be considering to perform those songs, “No Love,” “Forever,” or “Drop The World,” else songs from Music To Be Murdered and Funeral will also took place.

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