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Meek Mill Calls Out J. Cole and More for Collaboration

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Sure you all might not have heard J. Cole trending his bars on Meek Mill feature. None of them has shared this mutual collaboration and fans are not happy seeing these traditional hip-hop artists not getting along as expected. Meek Mill J. Cole song collaboration could it be the next thing we should wait for?

Every rapper or singer does have these favourite artists in their elite category and as for Meek Mill, we do think he’s all good with J. Cole. Meanwhile, Meek Mill latest #AskMeek question-and-answer sessions on Twitter turned out to be a notable invitation.

That was quite interesting seeing both Jay-Z and more rappers responding to Meek Mill Q&A hashtag. However, his fans still expect more songs this year despite EXPENSIVE PAIN leading as the latest album from his end.

While he tried answering as many questions as he can, one Twitter user demanded that the 34-year-old rapper collaborates with Dreamville mastermind J. Cole, and Meek Mill seemingly obliged and called out The Off-Season MC.

“I’m waiting on Cole….” he remarked in response to the fan’s statement. “This a call out to him right chea! Lol, that’s my guy.”

Meek Mill and J. Cole collaboration has never happened but could this be the reason. Well, J. Cole hasn’t responded to Meek latest call out. Although it’s all showing Meek and J. Cole are positively in a good light.