Vinyl Days tracklist

Logic’s ‘Vinyl Days’ Tracklist Feat. Wiz Khalifa, The Game and More

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Truly, Logic has finally joined The Game to come out of retirement. Both are set to drop a new album respectively but Logic’s Vinyl Days tracklist is here already.

Previously, Logic released a new song called Orville. The song featured Like, Blu and Exile after he has already featured DJ Premier on Vinyl Days.

While Vinyl Days has been seat to drop this month on 17th of June, today Logic has released the official tracklist. It’s about 30 song making up the whole album.

Another good news is that the album is featuring few top hip-hop tycoons like, The Game, Wiz Khalifa, Curren$y, Royce 5’9” and more rappers you will on the tracklist. But for before that, you might want to stream Orville below or you can stream them both Orville and Vinyl Days here.

Logic tracklist

Vinyl Days Tracklist

1. ‘Danger’
2. ‘Tetris‘
3. ‘In My Lifetime’ (Feat. Action Bronson)
4. ‘Decades‘
5. ‘JJ Abrahams’ (Skit)
7. ‘Quasi’
8. ‘Bleed It‘
9. ‘LaDonda’
10. ‘Aaron Judge’
11. ‘Clouds’ (Feat. Langston Bristol & Curren$y)
12. ‘Michael Rap (Skit)’
13. ‘Therapy Music‘ (Feat. Russ)
14. ‘Tony Revolori (Skit)’
15. ‘Rogue One’
16. ‘Breath Control‘ (Feat. Wiz Khalifa)
17. ‘NEMS (Skit)’
18. ‘Nardwuar’ (Feat. Doc D)
19. ‘KickStyle’ (Feat. iamJMARS, Big Lenbo & C Dot Castro)
20. ‘EarlyBird (Skit)’
21. ‘Ten Years’ (Feat. Royce 5’9”)
22. ‘Porta One’ (Feat. RZA)
23. ‘NeedleDrop (Skit)’
24. ‘Introducing Nezi’ (Feat. Nezi Momodu)
25. ‘Orville‘ (Feat. Like, Blu & Exile)
26. ‘Carnival’ (Feat. AZ)
27. ‘Lena’s Insight (Skit)’
28. ‘Vinyl Days‘ (Feat. DJ Premier)
29. ‘I Guess I Love It’ (Feat. The Game)
30. ‘Sayonara’

As you can see, the tracklist is about 30 songs in total with a lot of features of guest appearances from different headquarters. Logic is obviously back for a new album despite having said he has retired.

Another thing you should about Vinyl Days album is that Logic and Wiz Khalifa are up and ready for a new tour Vinyl Verse 2022. Meanwhile, Logic’s Vinyl Days tracklist has shown us one of the songs they are going on tour with. On track 16, Breath Control that’s where Wiz Khalifa is featured on.

You all should be ready to hear The Game, Wiz Khalifa, Russ, Royce and more on this album as Logic has also promised that the album is worth it. We hope it will be worth it