Kendrick Lamar “Loyalty” a Copyright Infringement

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Kendrick Lamar "Loyalty" a Copyright Infringement

Kendrick Lamar Loyalty is lacking some credits offers to those in position. Well nobody knows much about Kendrick Lamar’s DAMN album but his 2017 studio release remains K. Dot’s latest material despite his 2019 songs compilation he still haven’t released any follow up and all we’re hearing is side rumours.

Behind DAMN landmark success, there’s songs with integral part to the album and one of them is Loyalty which is currently exploring royalty interest from an artist whose name is Terrance Hayes, to Kendrick Lamar who is alleged for copyright Infringement.

Loyalty being a song recorded back in 2011 was also version in 2017 on Kendrick Lamar album as Loyalty featuring Rihanna, a copyright infringement but was slowed down in different ways to disguise the original track which was saved in Josef Leimberg computer and then get unauthorized access by Terrace Martin who then used the same track, tittle to craft Kendrick Lamar’s Loyalty instrumentation.

Terrance Hayes first worked with Josef Leimberg as a producer but also shared mutual collaborator with Terrace Martin in Leimberg. Meanwhile Hayes has stepped forward to reclaim his ground for illegal access to his Loyalty songs and both Kendrick Lamar, josef Leimberg and Terrace Martin are all defendants.

Hayes took to court and turned lawsuit against Kendrick Lamar for Loyalty copyright infringement. He is seeking all profit from Kendrick Lamar’s TED royalty. However Kendrick Lamar haven’t shared any response following sudden occurrence

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