Kanye West’s Disciplinarian On Their Children Is Rubbing Off Family

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Kanye West's Disciplinarian On Their Children Is Rubbing Off Family

Love it or loath, Kanye West newfound Christianity is also being exercised in his family even initiating discipline towards their children. YE’s new spiritual life, obviously took everyone by suprise and despite some lashes and comments from different headquarters of folks, Yet, he didn’t let these comments get under his skin.

Kim Kardashian haven’t made any advocate since her husband turned Christian born again. But her new interview with daytime talk show The Real on Tuesday (Nov 5), she disclosed what has been around their family.

She noted about Kanye’s spiritual transformation which is rubbing off the family. Kim Kardashian comments how strict and discipline Kanye West is becoming this days over their children. She said Kanye has removed all the TVs in the Kids Room.


“He’s very cautious about what we have in the house,” she said. “We got rid of TVs in the kids’ rooms and removed makeup from [6-year-old daughter] North‘s room.”

“He’s had this epiphany of being—not that he wasn’t an amazing dad—but being a little bit more strict as a dad and being very forceful on the imagery that’s in our household and what they see,” she said. “And I actually agree with it, but I’m always gonna be me. We had that discussion and that fight and I think, at the end of the day, that’s what marriage is.”

Kanye West since his life change, YE outspoken towards his career, Testimony and some denounce on Secular Music shown his commitment. He released Jesus Is King album this year yet promised us more Christian album like Jesus Is Born.

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