Kanye west freestyles for forbes

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Kanye west
Kanye west is now among the white house contestants and fans are in his support. Forbes has put out a video of Kanye’s 4hrs interview where is did a freestyle in. Ye rapped on topics concerning President Trump the man in seat currently, coronavirus, and even the O.J. Simpson trial.

The billionaire rappers first freestyle talked about the Corona virus pandemic with notable lyrics like, “Try to keep us quiet, cause riots / This is what the COVID’s made,” Back in February, Kanye claimed to have the coronavirus. The rapper also shaded Donald Trump telling him to stop hiding in the bunkers.” How about we stop hiding in the bunkers and be a real man?”.
His second verse had notable lyrics like, “not saying if O.J. did it or O.J. did not… I do not know. But when I lived in my father’s house and I saw that verdict come, as a black person we felt that it was a victory.” This freestyle was titled “thou shall not kill”, talking about O.J Simpson’s trial. When he was asked if he was against O.J’s penalty, he responded “thou shall not kill”.
His third freestyle had notable lyrics like,” Look at all the perks / I was addicted to percs / Drug addiction, for the devil it works”. He talked about his past drug addictions and called it the devil’s work. Kanye has been born again since 2018 and also hosted church services for christains and prisoners too. Also check out Kanye West metal disoder

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