J. Cole’s New Album Suffers COVID-19 Impact, Coming Soon Before Kendrick Lamar

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J. Cole New Album Suffers COVID-19 Impact, Coming Soon Before Kendrick Lamar

But just hold on. Did we just hear J. Cole album shelving plans to debut ? Ok that’s cool but let’s keep hoping without no desperation. J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar have done emotional harm to respective die-hard fans. Specially K. Dot has lingered the internet as fans kept as Busta waiting for follow up to DAMN to hit commercial streaming.

Just last year Amahiphop reported J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar storming 2020 with new albums. Well, that still gonna ? But the pandemic outbreak has done negative impact, an onslaught to the world. It’s a restriction placed globally meanwhile many are suffering from same novel pandemic.

Amahiphop, sure we did compiled both songs of J. Cole 2019 and songs of Kendrick Lamar 2019. Although here’s 2020 and we’re looking forward to see new different which J. Cole has done, you know his Snow On Tha Bluff then with this freestyle nagging new and old rappers.

But what could be the latest about J. Cole who dropped Revenge of the Dreamers III and later announced The Fall Off album which was slated to release sometime this year.

However, there’s this hot hip-hop talents you need to keep waiting for there album and they remains J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar. Both moguls have been reported working on solo projects and J. Cole has done welcome impression new song after not collab with artists probably till new album done.

J. Cole New album is on the way ? Hmm, that sounds perfect but according to new report from EarthGang’s Olu who said that an album from Cole is on the way, but it’s experiencing a slight delay. The Dreamers artist said that “Cole album is coming. It’s in [U.S.] Customs [and Border Protection] right now,” the Dreamville artist shared. “Cole album gotta get through [U.S.] Customs [and Border Protection] ’cause you know, corona,” on Instagram live session.

Is a great news and his album might drop before Kendrick Lamar new album could loose it’s grip. Kendrick Lamar’s new album has been on swirling. Earlier this year we were told that the album at the final stage though there’s more about the unverified album that surfaced few months back.

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