Drake’s Unverify New Record Label Called “Frozen Moments” Leaked

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Drake label record label frozen moments

Present the record is still under investigation by our source and fans.
Normally any collaboration that walk’s Drake mostly bears the Young Money brand but his recent collaboration with Summer walker is getting
the whole thing flip off.

Drake, last night surfaced with
Girls Need Love” guested by Walker and literally turned to a complete
remix of Girls Need Love. Just this morning spy analyzers weigh in
the new 2019 song from Drake. The remix of Girls Need Love featuring
Drake wasn’t trademark by Young Money yet we saw a new take over of
Drake written horizontally.

frozen moments label

Moments/LVRN/interscop records. As you can there’s no
attempt of Young Money of course Drake put out singles under the
umbrella of Young Money be it internal or external collab.

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our own research, the intimate knowledge over the Frozen Money has
detailed centrally to Drake after the record was air and trademarked the
day Drake announced the mixtape SFG10.

Amahiphop also observed that the rec is getting ready for work because both “Audio
equipment, namely, personal stereos, speakers, speaker housings, amplifiers, stereo tuners, equalizers, sound crossovers, limiters and compressors for audio processing; Headphones; Earphones; Ear buds; Protective covers and cases for cell phones, computers and portable media players; Sunglasses ” all are ready.

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