Drake Thinks His Chris Brown Beef Holds Rihanna Accountable
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Drake Thinks His Chris Brown Beef Holds Rihanna Accountable

Oh No We Aren’t Accepting ! Drake had his recent interview were he offload past been. Spilling out some guts from his Chris Brown beef. Drizzy and Breezy aren’t duds and the appeal seemed to be Rihanna ?

Well, Drake and Chris Brown have made the peace to rain on their careers yet OVO still can’t silent his opinion about what brought him and controversial Chris Brown into the public. Last month there was report finger pointing at Eminem supported Chris Brown Rihanna beat down ? For the fact Freaky Friday singer had run-in with Rihanna, treated her like a domestic violence under the coverage of dating, it create enmity even across Rihanna’s fanbase. So many things were attached to it which includes being up in arms of course unleashing it at RiRi.

Now in new interview, lately few days back, Drake who once found its spot at Rihanna but later called it quit has talked about his differences with Chris Brown. Remember Drake and Chris Brown were traditional daters to Rihanna although kicked out owing to inconsistency and being so rude ? The interview took advocate at Rihanna for being real assumder in between Drake and Chris B.

Drake with RapRadar, Drizzy details his he made amends with Breezy, suggesting that Rihanna was the reason why their beef existed. Drake said “We’ve come together before and tried to link and make music and I think we were always kind of forcing it. I think there was always resentment on both sides,” he explained on RapRadar.

However, what he said during the interview couldn’t be granted by slew of Rihanna fans who immediately attacked him on Twitter.

Is Drake really blaning Rihanna over his Feud with Chris Brown ?


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