Drake Shows Chris Brown More Love On His New Birthday

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Drake Shows Chris Brown More Love On His New Birthday

Chris Brown and Drake beef is another feud we have seen over the past years. But they totally gave it a rest then signed peace as matter of reconciliation.

Without being told Drake and Chris ducked it out and fans are likely to finger point at Rihanna who was simply trying to be at the right position of relationship, yet finding different guilty both on Drake and Chris Brown after she dated respectively.

People from all walks of life blamed Chris Brown mostly for mistreating her during their date. Although it’s also perfect to say Drake and Chris Brown are predecessors, funny coincident yet gave it up on Rihanna then turn closet.

In 2018 they squeezed their beef which was originally started in the club and since then both have been scratching each other’s back with No Guidance to Not You Too and more collaboration promised already.

Chris Brown recently celebrated his 31st best and Drake who have been working with Chris didn’t miss to share his own wishes to breezy. “More life more music more success for you @chrisbrownofficial we came a long way over the years my g,” he wished Chris Brown.

So what really matters is peace which both are happy. Drake and Brown are has more collaboration in future, remember Drake is working on new album and Chris is in.

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