Drake Cut Out Michael Jackson Collaboration and Fans Goes Furious

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Drake Cut Out Michael Jackson Collaboration and Fans Goes Furious

The deads are gone but anyone who left much fortune or historical dominance is ought to be respect and maintaine his or her legacy. For about decade old that Michael Jackson was globally wished R.I.P after he was announed dead, at least it will be very rare for his fans to get off his name from their chest.

However, things about him still spark accolades yet some folks hopped in to amend or downgrade Michael Jackson legacy just like we’ve seen animated franchise The Simpson cutting the iconic “Stark Raving Dad” episode which features Michael

Drake seems among those who are poking fun on “King of Pop” after he feature Mich. on his spcorpion album. Of course he is on “Assassination Vacation Tour” which unviles some disrespect. We recall he feature Mich. on a single “Don’t Matter To Me ” but the song goes missing during his tour in Manchester.

Complex pointed out that the single “Don’t Matter to Me” is not on the lineup and some concertgoers are raising questions as to why Drizzy didn’t perform the song.
“It looks like Drake is cutting his Michael Jackson collab from the tour cuz I didn’t see him performed it last night in Manchester, come on Drizzy are you joining the bandwagon too to
censor MJ?” one fan wrote on Twitter. Majority of fans are not happy about this.

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