Drake Feat. Bryson Tiller ‘Bad Kamar’ Song Online – Listen

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Drake Feat. Bryson Tiller 'Bad Kamar' Song Online

Back in October I shared about Drake’s upcoming album which haven’t no title yet. 2019 Drake album looks obsolete and meanwhile am not even sure of wasting my time till 2020.

Miracle might happen within this season or next for new album of Drake.  Most of us are looking forward to listen to new single from OVO probably here’s a new song which previously surfaced online, (snippet) and the full version has been shared on SoundCloud.

Listening to the song on Amahiphop November songs list, you will hear Bryson Tiller trending some of line in the song titled as Bad Kamar.

Snippets of songs by Drake surfaced online back in September and one of the tracks was ‘Bad Karma’ featuring Bryson Tiller. There were reports that 2 Chainz was also featured on the record. Today, the full version of that tune has landed on the web through unknown sources, with production on it reportedly coming from Chef Pasquale and Sonorous. Chainz does not appear on this version, though.

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