Cardi B Trust Jay-Z Can Bring Colin Kaepernick Back To The NFL

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Cardi B Trust Jay-Z Can Bring Colin Kaepernick Back To The NFL

Cardi B set her sight on Jay-Z spanning with NFL partnership. Cardi B who never draw her music career with Jay Z still believes Hov is capable of doing and bring what people would appreciate.

Last week, NFL, Jay-Z and Colin Kaepernick headlines as our favorites. It stems following Billionaire rapper fully enlisted himself as one of the NFL body, meanwhile only fans are happy about Jay Z NLF. Although Cardi B has hopped in, airing with the most notable support, siding Jay Z will definitely make changes and even bring Colin Kaepernick ?

Isn’t a retract since TMZ exclusively told Amahiphop the hint and what Cardi has been around with. You see, Jay got power to amend, she believe Beyonce husband can bring Colin in line again. “I feel like JAY-Z could bring back Colin Kaepernick,” she told TMZ. “I feel so. I feel like he has that power.” she said.

Cardi and Jay Z talk

Cardi B has always been bystander who kept quiet but put interest on Jay-Z’, successfully partnering with NFL recently. During her minutes with TMZ she in-depth some of her views, already we knew Jay has been getting some backslash primarily behind his new development with NFL and Offset wife is speaking positively on behalf J.

A lot in gut and love it or loath it, Jay -Z Rock Nation deal with NFL  includes live entertainment at any given spot. Amahiphop recall Jay once unable to cooperate with NFL, i mean in the past and the overnight dramatic change might be the reason why he is getting under scrutiny from people.

Jay Z JAY is also getting involved in the league’s social justice just like we update last week and he will co-co-owner of an NFL team though not officially disclosed. As for now this is all we can table and you can watch Cardi B talk about Jay Z while on interview.

Cardi B music front has always been a success story to upcoming rapper even Rapsody top her as one of favorite rappers. What do you think, leave your comments below.

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