Cardi B Shares Smoking Advise To Youthful Girls

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Cardi B Shares Smoking Advise To Youthful Girls

Cardi B past living may have been shattered probably as a celebrity things continue to act good on half of her. Smoking a cigarette isn’t new infact it’s one of the world’s traditional behavior.

Now Bardi is sharing some pieces of electrifying advise to contemporaries probably those who are currently living at the age of 15 and the rest of them who found fundness on Smoking. She Shared two photos of herself on Instagram.

“Dear little girls don’t smoke cigarettes or weed trying to look cool for the seniors ’cause you really gonna grow up and see how dumb you look doing it,” she wrote on Instagram. “Seriously tho what was I thinking? Anyways naaa my mustache was too much.” Cardi advicing.

“KIDS there’s a difference between ABUSE and being STRICT. My parents were very strict and I’m thankful. Being strict it’s a form of love and protection,” she wrote on IG. “Girls around my age were growing too fast and I though I could fool my momma but boy o boy she be knowing. If it wasn’t for the voice of my parents in the back of my head my life would have been way different. I hope when I’m strict to my daughter, I hope she don’t think I’m “mean” “ or I hate her “ like I used to think of my parents I’m just not trying to lead my kid in the wrong direction these roads have to offer.” What do you think ?

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