Blueface ‘Fine The Beat’ Album Drops This Year ?

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Blueface 'Fine The Beat' Album Drops This Year ?

Blueface doing everything possible to make it rain and meanwhile after he is done teasing upcoming album the rapper then move in disclosing tracklist of his new album.

Find The Beat is the title of the project and some guest appearance has been in the of work. It also means that both Blueface and some contributors like Lil Baby, DaBaby Gunna and more are notably involved on Find The Beat project.

Blueface faced some series of backslash with fans following some fault in his music career. Some said he normally flow off from beats but to bring justice to excistenc, Bluce is coming back with this titled album which we didn’t know the official relaxing date.

The last song we heard from him so far was his collaboration with Tyga and YG Bop. Already the Dirt Bag rapper delivered Dirt Bag Mixtape this year and he is relentlessly working on Find The Beat album. The album, maybe is slated to release this year and that’s the case the we should expect the album on Amahiphop October 2019 albums.

12 songs serves as the trackslist and from the list AMAJAY join force on one particular song.

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